9Line is Affordable Accuracy

Precise, detailed location information is sent with every 911 call to the correct public safety answering point giving you and your users peace of mind.
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Trust is critical.

Our customers span the country in many verticals but they trust us to provide the most affordable and compliant 911 calling solution for their employees.

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Kari's Law Compliance

Notifications and callback number mapping built-in. Avoid assigning a DID per location with 9Line.
Detailed map held in the hands of a person

Ray Baum's Act

Use 9Line's dynamic locations or integrate with CER ERLs to fully support Ray Baum's dispatchable location requirements.
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Includes Remote Workers

Support all your remote workers to comply with Ray Baum's 2022 mandate, for no additional cost.
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One location or 10,000

We don't charge per location. Be as granular as your business requires, with no extra charges or change fees.

Our Perspective

Calling 911 is a right, not a privilege.

Our closest competitor is more than twice as expensive to own and operate. While others have recently hidden their prices, we're proud to share ours because we believe you deserve a more affordable option.

It's all included.

Native CER Integration

Activate real-time address validation and automatic updates with Cisco Emergency Responder.

No Clunky Apps to Manage

Use existing Cisco workflows for remote workers. No need to deploy another app just to call 911!

Real-time Address Validation

CER-integrated address validation that works! Know if your addresses are accurate before you submit.

Privacy First

Encryption? Check. Protect your 911 calls to us with TLS and SRTP.

Dump the Data Limits

Others limit you to 20 characters for 911 locations, we support 60!

Supports VPN, MRA, Jabber

Users can self-provision their home addresses without admin assistance.

Our pricing and feature parity makes switching to 9Line easy.

Assuming a customer with 2500 users

Support for desk phones and WiFi phones on-premise

Support softphones, e.g. Jabber

Support cellular devices

Connect to the 6000+ public safety answering points

Support unlimited locations (remote offices, temporary office spaces, and nomadic users)

Support remote workers using desk phones or softphones

SMS Email Desktop or Phone call notifications

Network Discovery

Enhance Cisco Emergency Responder location data 

Monitoring & Recording

Support licensing models from Cisco (10 devices, softphone / hardphone, etc.)

Maintenance included

No activation fees

Emergency Call Center Fees


$1 User Per MONTH

Use the native carrier 911 breakout

60 characters

(Allows more granularity with detailed floor, room, suite, building, and other helpful information)

Coming Soon - Stay Tuned for this Announcement!

$0 first occurrence, $35 second, $50 thereafter


$5000 per month and numerous fees

Extra app

Requires high end bundle otherwise $2 per month per location

Requires high end bundle otherwise not supported

Only 19 characters

Only included in higher bundles. Fees still apply to lower level bundles.

$100 for every call

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We're ready to help you switch 911 service providers, or become compliant with the new federal laws. Let's get started!

Please note, if you are experiencing an emergency, call 911. This website and contact form will not connect you to your 911 call center.

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