9Line Announces Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams

As businesses increasingly rely on Microsoft Teams as a communication platform, 911 compliance has become a critical issue. Failure to comply with legal regulations can lead to significant financial and legal penalties, as well as potentially putting employees and visitors at risk.

To address this issue, 9Line has launched it’s latest E911 integration, 9Line for Microsoft Teams via Direct Routing, which ensures compliance with Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act, as well as state-level regulations for 911 services.

The 9Line solution offers a range of unique features that are essential for ensuring the safety and security of Teams users in emergency situations. These features enable customers to dynamically assign emergency location identification numbers (ELINs) and present any SIP URI, including internal extensions, to the 9Line platform, respectively.

9Line leverages all the capabilities of the Teams client to identify its location and report that information in an emergency call. This includes automatic location tracking capabilities that follow users as they move between locations.

In case of an emergency call, 9Line processes the call, including the dispatchable location information, and routes it to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the caller’s location using the 9Line Single Route call routing engine. The service is fully compliant with industry standards and regulations for emergency services and is integrated with over 6000 US & Canadian PSAPs, local emergency services, and responders.

Furthermore, the 9Line platform is integrated with Microsoft Teams’ automatic location tracking, allowing emergency services to locate the caller quickly and accurately. The service leverages a transparent back-to-back user agent SIP gateway, eliminating the need for customers using Microsoft Teams-certified SBCs to purchase new equipment to use the 9Line service.

To learn more, please contact the 9Line team or visit the dedicated 9Line for Microsoft Teams solution page!

About 9Line

9Line was founded to provide both on-premises and remote emergency calling solutions to organizations without compromising affordability. Although some costs are associated with such integrations, it is still an individual’s right to have the ability to dial 911 without incurring significant expense. With that purpose, 9Line has positioned itself to help organizations of all sizes achieve compliance at a fraction of the cost. 9Line’s industry-leading experience in unified communication applications and premier software engineering capabilities has quickly allowed the startup to receive recognition from industry leaders. The company offers integrations for Cisco BroadWorks, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Emergency Responder, and Microsoft Teams.