9Line Announces New Features: Single Sign-On & API Integration

The 9Line team is excited to announce two significant additions to the 9Line platform which will provide an improved security model via Single Sign-On and flexibility at scale with our new management API. These new additions are currently in preview state, and will be available for all customers in general after the preview is completed.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On allows users to authenticate and login to a variety of sources with one set of login credentials. This further streamlines the sign-on process for users as they only need one username and password.

Improved Security

Single Sign-On gives users and administrators greater peace of mind when adding a new service to their internal product offerings. SSO allows you to control an elevated level of security for your end users, while increasing ease of access. Data breaches can occur when users are required to have multiple accounts, using only password-based authentication, across a suite of products. They often create simple, easy-to-remember passwords, opening your organization to potential abuse.

Although 9Line’s service began with requiring users to create different passwords, we also believe that your security is paramount, which allowed us to recognize the value of SSO. 9Line is the industry’s first 911 solution provider to offer SSO and when integrating with 9Line via SSO, we can help you protect your organization’s use of our service, allowing the alignment of your corporate authentication policies with our service.

Enhanced Efficiency

With SSO implemented, users will leverage existing enterprise credentials and conditional access policies across 9Line’s service, allowing users to quickly access 9Line services without having to reauthenticate. This increases the productivity of users and allows them to accomplish tasks quicker with 9Line.


Application programming interfaces (APIs) facilitate software platforms exchanging information to achieve more than they can individually. This exchange allows for streamlining of provisioning for large organization as well as the ability to integrate into existing management platforms for MACD operations, amongst other benefits. 9Line sees the value in offering this functionality to our customers that require agility in the solutions they use to solve unique business challenges.

The 9Line team is also excited to introduce the ability for customers to utilize APIs to integrate with 9Line’s emergency calling platform. Customers will now be able to develop their own interface, send requests to 9Line servers for provisioning, and leverage desired information easily while maintaining a high level of organizational security.

Potential customers or existing customers wishing to inquire about leveraging Single Sign-On and/or APIs with 9Line’s integrations can visit the 9Line website or contact a 9Line representative for more information.

About 9Line

9Line was founded to provide both on-premises and remote emergency calling solutions to organizations without compromising affordability. Although some costs are associated with such integrations, it is still an individual’s right to have the ability to dial 911 without incurring significant expense. With that purpose, 9Line has positioned itself to help organizations of all sizes achieve compliance at a fraction of the cost. 9Line’s industry-leading experience in unified communication applications and premier software engineering capabilities has quickly allowed the startup to receive recognition from industry leaders. The company offers integrations for Cisco BroadWorks, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and Cisco Emergency Responder.