Arch Grants Awards 9Line and 21 startups

Arch Grants

ST. LOUIS – Arch Grants has awarded 9Line Software and 21 other startups with $1,875,000 in nondilutive grants to its 2023 Cohort. Each year, Arch Grants welcomes innovative, scalable, and job creating startups from around the world to participate in the nonprofit’s annual Startup Competition for a chance to be awarded up to $100,000 in non-dilutive grants. 

“We could not be more excited to introduce the 2023 Arch Grants Cohort,” said Gabe Angieri, Executive Director of Arch Grants. “Each of this year’s awardees are developing unique and needed innovations across myriad industries – and we’re excited they’ll be doing so from St. Louis for at least the next year. We’re also thrilled that over 80% of our newest awardees are led or co-led by underrepresented founders, furthering our commitment to building a more inclusive and equitable startup ecosystem.”

Gabe Angieri

On Thursday, November 9, Arch Grants hosted its neXus Gala to welcome their 2023 Cohort, celebrate the economic impact that the organization has catalyzed in St. Louis since 2012, and honor Jim Kavanaugh, CEO and Co-Founder of World Wide Technology, with the 2023 Entrepreneur Award. 

Meet the companies that will join 9Line as members of the 2023 Cohort. Their products and services will contribute to a limitless future for St. Louis and the world: 

9Line Software adds precise, detailed location information to every 911 call, ensuring the rapid response and safety of our users. The service is recognized as the enterprise-ready, affordable, and easy-to-implement solution for full compliance with both Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act.  

12 Pentagons makes handcrafted, heirloom-quality, limited edition balls. Each one is unique, experimental, and a story in itself. They create content by bringing you into the process of designing, prototyping, and creating each ball.  

Aegis Digital Health commercializes early-stage products and technologies in virtual care and remote patient monitoring, specifically focused on provider-centric solutions, where the inventors/founders do not have the experience or resources to do so on their own. Their first product is SweetSpot, a remote monitoring platform for providers who treat diabetes patients.  

Chippin is pioneering the shift to high quality, low “eco pawprint” pet foods powered by droolyworthy, healthy and planet-saving ingredients.  

  • Founder: Haley Russell, Founder & CEO – Origin: Arlington, VA – AgriFoodTech Funding Initiative 

Constituent Connection is the first Voter Relationship Management platform designed to increase the quality of communication between voters and elected officials, candidates, and non-profits.

Forcyte energizes drone operations by utilizing renewable power to unlock applications anywhere on Earth.

  • Founder: Mike Seper, Founder – Origin: St. Louis, MO – Geospatial Funding Initiative  

Gateway Quantum Electronics is building hardware to enable the coming revolution in quantum computing and sensing.

Golden Gems is a lifestyle brand that designs and sells accessories, apparel, stationary goods, and home decor. All of their products exude their mission of inspiring and empowering you to live unapologetically, take up space and live life on your own terms.

GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness (GreaterHealth) is an innovative pharmacy model that combines culturally responsive pharmacy services with medically tailored dietary meals to provide a comprehensive path to improved healthcare outcomes for underserved communities.  

Habitat Financial is an all-in-one financial management platform for the music & creative audio industry.

Honeydew is a virtual dermatology platform helping people with chronic skin conditions access licensed specialists, FDA-approved treatment, and ongoing insights and support in 24 hours instead of 6 months.

King of the Curve is an edtech company focused on fixing the pipeline to becoming a physician. By offering high-quality and high-yield study materials through their adaptive platform, they are working to train the future generation of physicians.

Midgard Raven, LLC is a pioneering geospatial solutions company dedicated to democratizing access to satellite imagery. With a visionary goal, the company strives to make high-resolution earth observation imagery accessible to everyone, revolutionizing industries and empowering global innovation.

  • Founder: Adam Simmons, CEO – Origin: Ashburn, VA – Geospatial Funding Initiative  

Module Building Systems (MBS) revolutionizes the construction industry with its advanced post-tensioning connection technology, offering a unique “flat-pack” panelized solution. MBS is committed to addressing North America’s housing crisis, championing affordability, sustainability, and rapid deployment for diverse housing needs.

  • Founder: Mark Turnbull, Founder & CEO – Origin: West Kelowna, Canada – #STLOnward Award – Powered by NISA Charitable Fund  

Pana Mina uses natural, eco-friendly fabrics to make custom-sized garments, encouraging customers to embrace their individuality and use their unique body measurements, rather than restrictive standard sizes, to purchase clothing online.

Seed Matriz provides seed encapsulation technology for planting quality improvement, seed detection in real time during planting and accurate plant health information.

  • Founders: Federico Cola, CEO, and Juan Cola, Director – Origin: Rio Cuarto, Argentina – AgriFoodTech Funding Initiative 

Seoul Juice is the first natural Korean Pear Juice brand and a leader in clean label hydration.

  • Founder: Luis Manta, CEO – Origin: Marina Del Rey, CA

Shades of Color is a personalized beauty marketplace connecting beauty brands and shoppers based on unique needs, cultures, and lifestyles.   

  • Founder: Tashara Earl, Founder & CEO – Origin: St. Louis, MO – Scaling-up Veteran Entrepreneurship Powered by The Berges Family Foundation  

The Girls Company makes period cramps suck less with a portable and wearable heating pad.

Top Tutors for Us helps Black students achieve beyond systematic biases by providing educational services, supported by their network of excellent Black tutors. They’re closing the racial gap in education and providing students with unprecedented opportunities to connect with and learn from students who look like them.

  • Founder: Angelica Harris, Founder & CEO o Origin: St. Louis, MO – #STLOnward Award – Powered by NISA Charitable Fund  

VetVerifi is a data verifications company that powers the pet economy, enabling instant, verified proof of vaccination for pets.  

We Hear You is a company that creates accessible technology for all people but specifically those with disabilities/exceptionalities. The company launched the Push™ device which can open handicap doors from up to 20 feet away via a wearable and attachable device to provide equitable access to entryways.

  • Founders: Pierre Paul, Founder & CEO and Bethanie Couri, COO – Origin: Peoria, IL – Donald M. Suggs Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award Powered by The Ferring Family Foundation 

About 9Line 

9Line was founded to provide both on-premises and remote emergency calling solutions to organizations without compromising affordability. Although some costs are associated with such integrations, it is still an individual’s right to have the ability to dial 911 without incurring significant expense. With that purpose, 9Line has positioned itself to help organizations of all sizes achieve compliance at a fraction of the cost. 9Line’s industry-leading experience in unified communication applications and premier software engineering capabilities has quickly allowed the startup to receive recognition from industry leaders. The company offers integrations for Cisco BroadWorksCisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Emergency Responder, and Microsoft Teams. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

About Arch Grants

Arch Grants is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to transform the economy in St. Louis by attracting and retaining extraordinary entrepreneurs. Since 2012, Arch Grants has awarded more than $16 million in cash grants to attract or retain 252 early-stage businesses in St. Louis, invigorating the city’s startup scene with new talent and ideas and helping to shape the future economy of the region. Arch Grants’ portfolio companies have created over 3,500 jobs in the St. Louis region, generated over $742 million in revenue, and attracted more than $696 million in follow-on capital. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.