Meeting and Exceeding Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act Requirements

In the landscape of emergency communication, laws such as Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act represent crucial steps forward in ensuring that help reaches those in need as swiftly as possible. These regulations mandate direct 911 dialing, immediate on-site notification of emergency calls, and provision of a valid callback number from multi-line telephone systems (MLTS). While the essence of these laws is clear, the implementation and technological solutions that meet these requirements vary significantly in their effectiveness and efficiency.

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The Legal Landscape and Its Interpretations

Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act have set a foundation for safety, requiring that:

  1. organizations facilitate direct 911 calls without an access code such as “9”,
  2. provide instant notification of these calls within the premises,
  3. ensure that a valid callback number is available to emergency services,
  4. and present a granular dispatchable location with every 911 call.

Historically, a call to 911 might appear at the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) with the main business telephone number displayed as the calling party number. This was problematic for many reasons, one of which was that it prevented a PSAP from reconnecting directly with the person who originated the 911 call.

Later, through service and/or software add-ons, an Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN) could be presented to the PSAP instead. When a caller hung up before the call was completed, the PSAP could call the ELIN, and the service or software would send the “call back” to the person who called.

This ELIN approach has been in place for the last few decades and works well, with a few caveats. The first is that legacy service/software solutions required ELINs to be dedicated telephone numbers owned by the organization and second, the numbers could not be used for any other purpose.

To work around this cumbersome requirement and suggest that centralized callback is always the most efficient path to emergency response, one industry interpretation suggests that the callback number should connect to a central location within the premises, such as an incident response team, rather than the original calling extension. This approach possibly complies with the law but presents challenges, primarily with how the PSAP staff is trained to operate.

The 9Line Approach: Direct, Efficient, and Compliant

9Line’s solution adheres to the legal requirements, solves the telephone number caveats, and significantly enhances the potential for rapid and accurate emergency response. Here’s how:

Direct Callback Capability

9Line understands that in many emergency situations, the ability to communicate directly with the person in distress can make a crucial difference. Direct callback to the originating extension allows emergency responders to gather real-time information, understand the specific context of the emergency, and prepare accordingly en route.

The PSAP staff are specially trained to help de-escalate a situation, provide guidance on CPR, deliver a baby, and numerous other instructions that are only relevant to the person in the moment.

Platforms such as Cisco Emergency Responder have been able to help in this space but required the ELINs to do so and only worked with Cisco UCM systems.

With 9Line, customers can leverage the industry’s first phone system-agnostic and telephone number management solution.

Consider our BroadWorks carriers which have end-customers such as hotels. Only with 9Line can a PSAP reach an individual hotel room instead of reaching the front desk first.

9Line manages the telephone number and extension mapping on behalf of the BroadWorks carrier, relieving them from provisioning a telephone number for every hotel room which would drastically impact operations.

Simultaneous On-Site Notification

Aligning with the second requirement of Kari’s Law, 9Line ensures that designated personnel are notified the moment a 911 call is made. This feature enables a swift internal response, gathering critical resources or directing first responders the moment they arrive.

For example, directing a callback to an incident response team may mean the IR teammember may need to first travel to the incident location or attempt to conference the parties to relay critical information such as CPR instructions. With 9Line, the person experiencing the crisis is provided the potentially life-saving information, directly from the PSAP staff trained to provide this guidance, without delay.

Beyond Compliance: The 9Line Mission

While compliance with Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act is essential, 9Line’s mission transcends these requirements. We focus on meeting legal standards and setting new benchmarks for safety and responsiveness in emergency communication. By leveraging advanced technology and providing customizable solutions, 9Line aims to ensure that every call for help is heard and answered with unprecedented speed and specificity.

A Commitment to Safety and Innovation

As organizations navigate the requirements of Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act, it becomes clear that compliance is just the beginning. The ultimate goal is to create environments where safety is paramount and emergency response is swift and informed. 9Line stands at the forefront of this mission, offering a solution that not only meets the letter of the law but embraces the spirit of rapid, effective emergency communication.

In a world where seconds can mean the difference between life and death, 9Line is not just a compliance tool; it’s a commitment to safety, innovation, and the well-being of every individual it serves.

Take the Next Step Towards Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Don’t let outdated emergency communication systems compromise the safety of your environment. With 9Line, you have the power to ensure that every emergency call is handled with the utmost efficiency, precision, and care. Our system meets the stringent requirements of Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act and sets a new standard for responsiveness and reliability in critical situations.

Are you ready to elevate your emergency response capabilities? Join the leading organizations that trust 9Line to keep their spaces safe and compliant. Contact us today for a comprehensive demonstration, and let us show you how 9Line can transform your approach to emergency communication. Because when it comes to safety, every second counts, and with 9Line, you’re always one step ahead.

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